The Phone-Dropping Moment 跌電話之際 (Mark 馬可福音 16:1-8)

Easter - Part 4

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Barry Lee

March 31, 2024



Ps Barry Lee preaching from Mark 16:1-8 on Easter Sunday. 李傳道與 2024 年 復活節為東區浸信會崇拜講道。

In an anti-climatic way, three faithful women encountered the empty tomb and turned into fearful women. Now the same kind of encounter confronts us as believers of Jesus: what do we do with the undeniable fact that Jesus has resurrected, and the confounding fact that we are surrounded by uncertainties? Keep calm and be faithful.

  1. The three faithful women (vv. 1-4)
  2. The ultimate good news and promise (vv. 6-7)
  3. The anti-climax no one expects (v. 8)

For reflection:

  1. In what ways can we become more faithful and humble like the two Marys and Salome?
  2. What can we do to know deeper about Jesus’s death and resurrection? How can we go tell others?
  3. How would we reprioritise our actions when we expect to see Jesus anytime?
  4. In what practical ways can we deal with the tension between knowing the resurrected Jesus and being confronted by our own uncertainty, anxiety and insecurity?

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