An Unbelievable Freedom (Ezra 1:1-11)

United in Service (Ezra & Nehemiah) - Part 2

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William HC

April 14, 2024



Ps William HC preaching from Ezra 1:1-11.

Unbelievable history in Ezra 1:

  1. The LORD stirs a king’s heart to free the Israelites (vv. 1–4)
  2. The LORD stirs his people’s hearts to return home (vv. 5–11)
  3. The cross: the most unbelievable moment in history (Acts 2:36)

Three truths to cling to:

  1. Our sovereign LORD is faithful to his word
    • Not one of his promises will fail to pass!
  2. Our sovereign LORD is working in our suffering
    • Not one of his trials will be wasted!
  3. Our sovereign LORD is abundant in his salvation
    • Not one of his treasures will be lost!

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